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Superintendent readers are an elite group of golf course superintendents that are passionate about the game of golf and dedicated to the sport. Managing and maintaining the greens, fairways and roughs is a big job. Our readers need the right tools and equipment for success – and for this they turn to Superintendent.


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Audience Insights

Which best describes your job title?

  • Superintendent: 77%
  • Manager: 10%
  • Owner: 6%
  • Assistant Superintendent: 5%
  • Equipment Technicians , Dealer/Distributor/Sales Rep, Instructor/Student, Others Allied to the Field: 2%

What is the biggest challenge you face managing your golf course?

  • Finding reliable help: 41%
  • Old maintenance equipment to do the job right: 21%
  • Golfer expectations for near-perfect conditions: 14%
  • The erratic weather: 13%
  • Golfers who don’t repair ball marks and divots and damage other areas of the course: 11%

Which best describes the golf course you manage?

  • Private: 37%
  • Public/Daily Fee: 24%
  • Semi-Private: 18%
  • Municipal: 14%
  • Resort: 5%
  • Other: 2%

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Reach Decision Makers with Strong Purchase Intent

Top 5 most important pieces of equipment in Superintendent readers’ maintenance facility:

  1. Greens Mower
  2. Sprayer
  3. Irrigation
  4. Spray Rig
  5. Aerator

Top 5 pieces of allied equipment Superintendent readers would like to upgrade this year:

  1. Greens Roller
  2. Tractor
  3. Aerator
  4. Topdresser
  5. Verticutter

Superintendent® Readers Are Engaged

81% of subscribers
read 3 out of 4 issues

78% of subscribers
spend 30 minutes or longer reading an issue

53 Minutes:
Average Time Spent with an issue

2 out of 3
subscribers save their issues for reference

Superintendent® Readers Take Action

89% of readers have taken at least one action as a result of reading articles or columns in Superintendent.

Top Five Actions Taken:

  1. Discussed item with others
  2. Sought further information
  3. Visited
  4. Used/modified an idea
  5. Filed item for future reference

84% of readers took an action as a result of seeing ads in Superintendent.

Top Five Actions Taken:

  1. Visited an advertiser’s website
  2. Discussed ad with others
  3. Filed an ad for future reference
  4. Passed ad along to others
  5. Contacted advertiser, dealer or representative

Sources: Readex Research, June 2016 Issue; Superintendent, Golf Course Industry and GSCAA December 2016 BPA Statements; Golfdom September 2016 Verified Audit Circulation