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Flow Control serves professionals who design, operate, automate and maintain the systems that measure and control liquids and gases in industrial processes. Visit us at

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We are honored to be recognized for our top talent in the process industries.

ASBPE “Design Bronze Award”

Best Cover, 2015

ASBPE “Editorial Gold Award”

Best Special Section, 2014

APEX “Award of Excellence”

Best Blog Series, 2014

TABPI “Tabbie” Award”

Best Use of Social Media, 2013

ASBPE “Azbee” Award

Front Cover Digital Imagery, 2013

APEX “Award of Excellence”

Best Magazine Redesign, 2013

APEX “Award of Excellence”

Editorial & Advocacy Writing, 2012

TABPI “Tabbie” Award, Honorable Mention

Best Cover, 2011

APEX “Award of Excellence”

Best Feature Article Series, 2011

ASBPE “Editorial Gold Award”

Best Case History, 2010

APEX “Award of Excellence”

Technical Writing, 2010


GAMMA Awards, Honorable Mention

Best Cover, Digital Imagery, 2010

APEX “Award of Excellence”

Best Cover, 2010

Flow Control® is delivered to more than 36,000 executives, engineers and process plant personnel. Find a full breakdown of our circulation on the Audience page.

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